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Hava Gelfand

This service is a MUST when flying pets from USA to Israel. We used them to fly 2 cats from Newark and we would have never been able to pool it off without them. Ravit and Eitan are super professional! Ravit took care of all the documentation on both ends and was very clear about what's needed even when the local vet said something else - and Ravit was right. She was available at 4 am when the airline representatives made a mistake and managed to help my husband over the phone. Thank you so much!!!!


Ruthie Gato

This is the most professional service, loving hearts and caring hands I ever seen. Four years ago I trusted them my three cats to ship to New Zealand ( most strict country for importing animals) and I never had any problem. Now I am trusting them again to bring my cats back.

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Kate Schattner

I had the most incredible experience with Terminal4Pets. I just arrived in Australia 4 weeks ago, with my dog Diesel Schattner. It was a long 6 month process, Australia being one of the most difficult countries to take pets into. Ahava and her team were extremely diligent, patient, sympathetic to the emotional rollercoaster of moving homes, and highly knowledgeable, making this difficult process far more tolerable. I would highly recommend them to ANYONE looking to travel with their pets. For such a nominal fee, to have such peace of mind in the process is unquestionable. Diesel has settled in nicely to Australia, and the journey here proved to be far less stressful than anticipated. BIG thank you to the Terminal4Pets team, couldn't have done it without you!!

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Olga Leor

The service was good. The flight went smoothly. We had a lot of questions that were addressed professionally. The company is responsive by mail and phone. I would recommend it.


Effie Nadav

Terminal4Pets are absolutely great! Fantastic service. Very helpful and accommodating. Pelle, my dog, was checked-in early morning in TLV only to step out the Heathrow animal reception center cheerful and happy a few hours later. Great first experience. Could not be happier.


Eunice Furlan

Extremely trustworthy service,very ethical,service is execute in a careful way.Clients are never let down,even the 4 legged ones. I'vê used their service twice and would never change for another company. I really recommend!


The Peer family

Hi Ahava, The cats have arrived home. Thank you for everything that you did for us. We are grateful for all of your help. We wish you all the best A million thanks



Dear Ahava & Eitan, we now have a very happy Mimi with us! A couple of images attached from the day we picked her up. Thanks for everything, much appreciated.



Hi all! This evening the animals arrived safely and in good spirits to the Gould household in Hertfordshire. The cats are gradually exploring their new home. The dogs have been for a walk in their new garden. The girls are super excited and still not asleep as a consequence. Thank you all so much for sorting all this out, and for looking after them so well. We are very grateful.


Ilan Yehuda

Dear Ahava and Eytan, We finally arrived at home with Simba and he is great…… he already had a good relaxing bath and a good meal and already seems very happy…. Now I must congratulate and thank you once again for the excellent and great work you’ve done with Simba! I had a chance to see Simba in the waiting room (before clearance) with other pets that arrived with him, and by looking at (and comparing) the attention to details and quality of the kennel, identifications and accessories one can tell that Simba was taken care by GREAT professionals and I’m very proud of that on your behalf. During all the way you were all simply great! BRAVO for the great job!!!!! Thanking you and recommending you to everyone we know is the least we can do…. We will always stay grateful… On behalf of Simba and all our family we are sending you thousands of hugs and kisses and a huge THANK YOU!!! You are great professionals with great love to your job and this is very rare and extraordinary! We were blessed to choose you for the mission of Simba’s relocation.


Jaya and Nadav

Dear Maayan and Eitan We have arrived safely, all 4 dogs healthy and happy! I can't even begin to thank you for what you have done - I really don't think we could have managed without you. Thanks for the hard work, thanks for handling every difficulty that came our way with patience and calmness, thank you for calming me down in the process (it's not obvious, calming me when it comes to the dogs :). Thank you for making all of this happen! When you come to Costa Rica - you're both welcome to our house.. Two very grateful people and four very excited dogs will greet you with love! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again

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