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Air transport for furry vips

With 25 years of experience, Eitan Kreiner, founder of Terminal4Pets, is still pioneering new, caring ways to take your pet on airplane trips.

Nine ways israelis love their dogs

TV for dogs, doggie resorts, high-tech pooper scoopers -- ISRAEL21c brings you some of the more unusual ways that Israelis are making life better for pooches.

Sharp rise in rabies leads to new pet import regulations

Agriculture Ministry says most cases found in domesticated dogs.

Saving Golani: An Israeli puppy’s journey from Jerusalem to Houston

A puppy born in Israel and abandoned in the streets of Jerusalem has completed his unlikely journey to a new home and new life in Houston, Texas.

Thinking about doing "Aliyah"? Talk to the vet first

After assisting thousands of newcomers, returning citizens and tourists to import their pets into Israel, Dr. Kreiner is known as the vet who knows how to make "Pet Aliyah" possible.

Pets fly to New Zealand

The New Zealand Government has cleared the direct transportation of pets from Israel following a two year ban.

Pets make it to Australia

Instead of the traditional Hebrew Baruch Haba welcoming greeting, Israelis who have made their home in Australia can now say Bark Haba as their pets are once gain permitted to fly from Israel to Australia.

Want to Make Aliyah With Your Dog? Call the Israeli Pet Travel Agency

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, founder and CEO at The Israeli Pet Flight Agency, understands the special challenges awaiting pet owners in the relocation process.

Adopt a Pet 'Made in Israel'

The Israeli Pet Travel Agency Terminal4Pets is promoting a new project that will eventually help hundreds of abandoned pets from Israel find loving owners from Jewish communities worldwide

You Kiss the Tarmac at Ben Gurion, They Poop on It - Making Aliyah With Pets

'A pet is like a baby,' says the veterinarian who founded the one-stop pet transportation agency most recommended by your aliyah advisers.

Emergency transport for pets in Israel

When Gaza rockets were raining down on southern and parts of central Israel in November, the staff at Terminal4Pets told its clients that it would work out the logistics of boarding or evacuating their pets if they suddenly had to leave the country.

Traveling with Your Pet? Leave it to the Israelis

Animal Airways has subcontracted with Terminal4Pets to launch a full-time, global veterinarian support and guidance service.

Friendly Skies for Pets

With 25 years of experience, Eitan Kreiner, founder of Terminal4Pets, is still pioneering new, caring ways to take your pet on airplane trips.

Liberals go easy on pets

Importation of pets from Israel into Australia will be easier in 2014 thanks to a 20 day reduction of the quarantine period announced by the Federal Government.

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