Frequently Asked Questions About Flights with Pets

Selected questions and answers about pet shipping, traveling with pets or relocating with pets. 

• Air travel is as safe for pets as it is for people considering you have prepared them with all veterinary health and documents required according to the requirements of import.
• Pet friendly airlines that allow pets will provide your pets with the best conditions possible.

• Generally, dogs and cats that weigh under 8 kilo will be allowed in the cabin with the owner. However, this is dependent on their size and height as well as airline policy and destination country.
• You will need to receive airline approval in advance to take a pet in the cabin.

• If your pet is traveling as accompanied access baggage or as manifested cargo shipment, they will travel in the luggage hold of the aircraft in a separate area for animals. This hold is both temperature and pressure controlled. It has the same ventilating system as the passengers’ cabin.

• If a veterinary exam determines your pet is healthy, he should have no trouble getting through the flight. The certified veterinarians at Terminal4Pets can help you consider the factors and make an informed decision about your pet’s ability to travel.

• Typically, young pets can relocate internationally from the age of 4 months. This is dependent on several factors such as vaccinations, departure and destination country, breed and airline.

• There are different kennel types for different situations. If your pet will be in the cabin with you it is recommended to have a soft carrier in order to fit under the seat comfortably. If your pet will travel in the hold of the plane, they will be required to have an airline approved kennel compliant with their size and breed.
• The flight kennel must be large enough for a pet to stand up, turn around completely, and lie down in a normal position.
• Only a kennel that meets the international requirements will be allowed on the plane.

• Pets should not be fed during the flight but may drink water as much as they like. It is important for them to be hydrated for flight.

• We recommend placing pet pads (absorbent liners) in the kennel during flight.
• For flights with long layovers, your pet may be allowed out of the kennel in special animal care facilities to rest and relieve themselves. This service depends on airline, length of layover, and country of destination.
• We recommend your pet does not eat prior to flight.

• There are countries that require mandatory quarantine periods. Terminal4pets can advise you on the specifics of the destination that your pet will travel to.
• If your pet arrives at their destination without the required health requirements or documentation, they may be subject to quarantine in countries that would not regularly have a quarantine period. Thus, the importance of proper preparation.

• Vaccination requirements are dependent on the country of export, country of import, age of pet, species of pet, as well as additional factors.
• There are mandatory and recommended vaccinations.
• There are vaccinations that are time sensitive and must be done within the allotted time frame accepted by the individual country of import.

No, Terminal4Pets does not sell or ship any animals that are not personal pets of our clients. We are not affiliated with any companies that sell pets abroad.

• There are several factors to consider about flying two pets together in one kennel:
1. The airline – not every airline will allow two animals to fly together in the same cage.
2. Species – The two animals that share a cage must be of the same species (dog / cat / bird).
3. Weight – For most airlines, the animal must be under 14 kg to fly together in one kennel.
• We at Terminal4Pets do not generally recommend flying pets together. It is important to examine each case individually as animals in stressful situations tend to behave differently than in their comfort zone.

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