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With decades of experience in pet relocation, we at Terminal4Pets use our knowledge to assist you in relocating any pet anywhere around the globe. No shipment is too small, too large, or too complicated for us.

Exotic pets: Not all of our clients have dogs and cats. Birds, reptiles, rodents and more travel internationally with their families every day.

When relocating your exotic pet there are additional steps to take to prepare for travel. The first step is to confirm with the Ministry of Agriculture that the animal you have is not a protected species and is permitted for import to your country of destination.  Health checks, vaccinations, and documentation will be different then for dogs or cats. Many countries have specific import documents required for these types of pets.  It is also necessary to check with airline authorities in regards to their policies. Preparing well in advance is crucial for exotic pets.

Travel Restrictions: There are several categories of pets that may be restricted or banned for travel for different reasons. If your pet falls in any of these categories, traveling with them may be more difficult. However in many cases our pet transportation specialists can assist you in getting your pet relocated to their new home happily and safely.

Baned breeds: More and more countries are starting to ban specific breeds (mostly of dogs) for import. The usual reason for this is the ban of breeds that are considered dangerous. Each country has their own list of breeds, conditions, and regulations for banned breeds.

In addition it is important to check with the airline prior to booking your flight. Even if your destination country does not ban your breed, the airline policy might ban them or have strict kennel regulations.

Snub nosed: Snub nosed breeds (cats and dogs) are restricted for travel or banned on many airlines. This is due to the fact that they are more likely to suffer with respiratory conditions which can cause them labored breathing attributed with changes of air pressure and circulation on flights. There are extra precautions recommended when traveling with snub nosed pets that our pet relocation specialists will happily advise you about. There are also airlines and flight routes that are preferred for flights with snub nosed pets.

Weather conditions: Many airlines have weather restrictions in place for flights with pets. This may include airlines that will not fly pets during an entire season or only have an extreme weather ban. Either way you may find yourself stuck without a clear flight route for your pet. It is particularly necessary to plan in advance for such weather conditions if you will be traveling in the winter or summer months.

Terminal4Pets can assist you with navigating these common travel restrictions in order to find a convenient solution of you and your pets.

Large Shipments: Whether you are relocating one pet or a household of thirty plus, Terminal4Pets is here to provide you with a smooth, safe, and stress free travel experience. Coordinating a large shipment requires planning. Our pet transportation specialists are experts at assisting the relocation of large families. From six sugar gliders to the USA, thirty cats (and one dog) making Aliyah to Israel, four dogs and two cats to Chili, to eight dogs to the Philippines, our clients have relocated their pets all over the globe. We are happy to assist our devoted clients to relocate everyone! 

Working Dogs: Our pet transportation specialists can assist with service dogs, guide dogs, show dogs, police dogs, rescue dogs or any other working dog. Contact us to discuss the individual and specific needs of your travel plans.

Is your situation or pet unique and you have not found information here relevant to you? Not to worry, contact Terminal4Pets for a personal consultation today.

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