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Dogs and cats imported to Israel  are required to be microchipped with an ISO 11784/11785 compliant 15 digit pet microchip.

Rabies Vaccination

All dogs and cats entering Israel are required to have a valid rabies vaccination prior to import according to Israeli requirements.

Other Vaccinations or treatments

General health vaccinations are recommended for travel to Israel.

Rabies Titer Blood Test

A passing rabies titer blood test result (>=0.5 IU/ml) by an approved lab is required to enter Israel with dogs and cats. The blood testing must follow Israeli requirements of when and where the blood is tested.

Health certificate

All dogs and cats entering Israel must have a health check and Israeli specific health certificate signed by a private vet and endorsed by a government vet within ten days prior to arrival. All imports must receive advanced approval by Israeli government veterinary officials prior to import.

Import Permits

Import permits are required for all pets entering Israel except dogs or cats traveling accompanied by their owner with less than three pets.

Banned Breeds

The following breeds or their crosses will need advance permission from the Israeli government veterinary services to enter Israel - American Staff Bull Terrier (Amstaff), Bull Terrier, Argentino Dogo, Japanese Tosa, Staff Bull Terrier (English Staff), Pit Bull Terrier, Brazilian Fila and Rottweiler. These breeds can be imported only if they are owned by a person over 18 years of age, are spayed or neutered and has resided with its owner for at least 18 months prior to entry.


There is mandatory quarantine for all pets not compliant with all import requirements. 

Preparation Time

We recommend you start preparing your dog or cat at least two months in advance of your planned flight date. Puppies and Kittens may take longer to prepare.


*It is very important to note that you must send notification (including all of your completed documents and flight information) to Israeli Veterinary Authorities at Ben Gurion Airport at least 48 hours prior to your flight.


Bringing Pets To Israel? Let Us help You

Terminal4Pets posts up to date information reflecting current regulations for pet import to the countries listed to the best of our ability. Country specific import regulations and policies are updated by government veterinary authorities.  Noncompliance with import regulations may result in quarantine of pet, denial of import and return to country of origin or euthanasia.

Terminal4Pets will not be liable due to information posted here. Compliance with all import regulations to the destination country is the sole responsibility of the importer.

We recommend using our Pet Flight Management Service prior to flight to consult with our pet flight specialists and to never take unnecessary risks

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