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Everything you need to know about Rabies Titer blood testing

What is a Rabies Titer blood test?

A rabies Titer blood test is a test to check the levels of antibodies for rabies in your pet's blood stream. Essentially it is a test to check that the rabies vaccination has worked and that your pet is protected against getting or carrying rabies.

Do I need to get a Rabies Titer blood test for my pet?

This will depend on the health requirements of the country of import and the type of pet you have.

What is the process of getting my pet a Rabies Titer blood test?

The process starts with microchipping your pet and vaccinating them for rabies. There is then a waiting period before you may draw the blood and a validity period of the rabies vaccination for testing. Most countries are very strict with this so be sure to double check that you are within the validity window allowed by your country of import before drawing blood.

Your personal veterinarian will draw and prepare the blood for the test and send it off to the lab.

How long is a rabies Titer blood test valid for?

The rabies Titer results will remain valid for the life of your pet as long as you keep up to date with their rabies vaccinations. If your pet is without a valid rabies vaccination for any period of time, the blood test will become invalid.

What is an OIE approved laboratory?

An OIE Laboratory is a laboratory that is authorized by the World Organization for Animal Health to provide testing and results acceptable for international travel of pets and import to countries requiring the Titer blood test. Testing from a non OIE laboratory will not be accepted.

How long does it take to receive test results?

Receiving results can take from a few days to a few months. Not every country has an OIE approved laboratory, therefore they can get busy during peak travel seasons. Some laboratories have expedited service for an additional cost. We recommend that you check directly with the laboratory for options.

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