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Pet Pre-Flight Preparations

When you prepare for an international flight with pets there are many things that you need to take into account. We asked our Pet Flight consultants here at Terminal4Pets to give you their tips in order to help you prepare for your journey.

Pre Flight

Flight Kennel preparations:

  • Make sure your Flight kennel is marked according to instructions. The kennel must be recognizable for the airline staff as well as ground handlers and/or any other operator at the airports. The pet's name, flight number, your name and phone numbers should be attached to the kennel throughout the journey.
  • Remember to bring security seals in order to secure the kennel once entering the airport.
  • Make sure that the kennel is clean and contains all the items your pet will need or want during the flight: Diaper, a bottle of water, a blanket or a toy etc.
  • Make sure that the kennel does not contain food, sharp objects or the leash.
  • Make sure that the kennel wheels are not attached to the flight kennel (if so, make sure you detach them before you reach the airport).

Pet Flight Documentations:

Make sure you bring all the forms necessary and that they are accessible:

  • Imports/exports certifications (Import Permit, USDA etc.) and health certificates
  • Vaccination booklet / records.

Preparing your pet for the flight:

  • Do not feed your pet prior to the flight (feed him/her maximum 4 hours before the flight)
  • Try to encourage your pet to drink as much as possible during the date of the flight.
  • Dog owners, it is highly advised to take the dog for a very long relaxing walk before leaving towards the airport.
  • Refrain from tranquilizers and all sorts of drugs that might calm your pet or put it to sleep 

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