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Terminal4Pets provides its clients with advanced comprehensive pet shipping solutions, enabling hundreds of pet owners to fly and relocate with their pets at a global level throughout the year.

If you're considering flying with pets or shipping pets abroad in the near future you might want to read the "travel with pets – does and don't does" written by professional pet flight agents.

Roles & Regulations for safe and legal international pet shipping:
Every country enforces diverse rules and regulations when it comes to the import of pets into the country as well as pet exports. It's highly important to understand all regulations and requirements relevant to the import of pets and the export of pets according to your travel plans, departure and destinations point and in case you are planning a long transatlantic flight with an overnight stop, you should research the country in which you would like to stay in and find out all about the rules and regulations for tourists that wish fly with pets.


Vaccinations and health certificates needed to import pets:
A pet shipping process begins with a veterinarian and now days, as the global pet shipping trend increases, a flight veterinarian is the "to go to person". In order to export and import pets from/into countries and in order to ship pets abroad via international airlines there are vaccinations, preventive treatments, health certificates and even blood tests are frequently required. Veterinarian checks and treatments are one of the most important flight preparations when flying with pets at a global level.


Pet Flight Tickets:
Traveling with pets internationally is most common these days however not all airlines allow pets abroad. There are airlines that fly pets only if they weigh less than 8 kg in the main cabin (that is called "pet in cabin") and there are airlines that fly pets in the luggage cabin only. If you wish to ship a dog or a cat, make sure to look for airlines that fly pets in cabin.

Pet Quarantine:
Pet shipping at a global level requires operating under countries' rules and regulations and in some cases the pet shipping process may include a pet quarantine. If you're traveling to South Africa, UK, New-Zeeland, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia we will need to take into account the pet quarantine requirements.

Flight kennels:
Traveling with a pet by air is different than traveling with pet otherwise. You will need to get a hold of an "airline approved kennel" and make sure it fits your pets' measurements according to the IATA standards.

Transportation to/from the airport:
Although pet shipping is an unfamiliar task for most pet owners they know in general what it is they have to do: documents, flight tickets, vaccinations etc. what most people don't know and don't even think of is how they are going to get to the airport (since preparing for an international flight with pets is overwhelming as it is). In many countries it is difficult or even impossible to use public transportation when traveling with pets. Many Taxi companies refuse to let pets into the vehicle and tourist traveling with pets often find themselves helpless. Make sure you book a "pet friendly" shuttle beforehand in order to save time and avoid problems at the last moment.

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