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Are you ready to make Aliyah?

Is Lassie ready to Make Aliyah?

Hundreds of Jewish families are preparing to make Aliyah in the summer of 2014. One company is prepared to help them make Aliyah with their pets.

There are several governmental and non governmental organizations (NGO) to assist people with the Aliyah process from the moment they start to consider Aliyah and until they get settle down in their Israeli home, learn Hebrew, find a job and consider themselves 100% Israeli. However, there is just one organization with the main objective to help pets make Aliyah. 

Terminal4Pets is the Israeli Pet Travel Agency, offering unique advanced services needed to ship and import pets safely and legally into Israel.

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, founder and CEO at The Israeli Pet Flight Agency, understands the special challenges awaiting pet owners in the relocation process. Having met so many Olim and returning citizens in the course of the last two decades, he knows that a pet can make a huge difference to a young child who is dealing with the stress of Aliyah, who has left his friends and all that is familiar to him, behind. Our pets are much loved members of the family and the thought of leaving them behind is heartbreaking.

The good news is that it is possible to make Aliyah and bring your pet with you. In fact, thousands of pets “make Aliyah” every year and more than 6,000 pets “made Aliyah”, returned or relocated to Israel in 2012.
Every country and airline has strict rules and regulations regarding the importation and exportation of animals. In order to bring your pet with you on Aliyah, you will need to meet the requirements of the airline and health authorities at your point of departure and those of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture. Please take note, There are strict regulations with regards to the types of animals that may be brought into Israel, and for instance, the breeds of dogs that may be imported, the age of your pet and his general state of health. Israel has a tough climate as well as hazards and diseases that are new to the pets' immune system. Therefore it is critical that you consult with a flight veterinarian who knows what kind of medical checks, treatments and vaccinations are required or highly suggested when importing a pet into Israel.

The Israeli Pet Travel Agency Terminal4Pets is a professional, veterinarian institute (part of the House of Veterinary Doctors in Maccabim) and is the only Israeli agency that specializes in Aliyah services for pets.
Terminal4pets was established back in 2004 in order to provide pet owners traveling to or from Israel with advise and support in regards to: documents and regulations, veterinarian procedures, pet air-travel options, kenneling and more.



The Israeli Pet Travel Agency's main objective is to provide pet owners advanced solutions that are 'custom-made' for each and every one. For example:

  • We can help you import your pet even if it is considered 'banned breed'.
  • We can help you ship you pet unaccompanied (as pet cargo or with our pet courier service) in case you are not able to travel together.
  • We can help you fly with your pet, in the main cabin, as an 'emotional support animal' in case you have a special condition and need your pet with you for support throughout the flight.
  • We can help you import an exotic animal (if it is a home pet).
  • We can help you ship and import multiple pets at once.

Please take note, since 2010 the Ministry of Agriculture made significant changes in regards to pet importation and several breeds hade been listed as - dangerous breeds - meaning that the importation process is longer and naturally much more complicated. So make sure you speak with a pet flight manager prior to making your travel arrangements.

The Israeli Pet Travel Agency is at your service 24/7, ready willing and able to help you import your pet into Israel from every country worldwide!

Terminal4Pets - we are here 4 your pets
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