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Endless bureaucracy, complex regional and international legislations and demanding veterinary pre-requirements led many families and pet owners to leave their best-friend behind. Terminal4pets was established, two decades ago, to address these concerns to ensure that you and your pet could travel safely and comfortably wherever you go.

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Why Fly With Us ?

With over two decades in the pet shipping industry, only Terminal4Pets have the professional know-how to address any request and facilitate every need (however specialized) you and your pet might need:
We Are Veterinarians

Terminal4Pets is incorporated into the "Veterinary Doctor's House", enabling us to provide your pet a full veterinary support and supervision throughout the shipping process.

Years Of Experience

Years Of Experience

Two decades of professional experience ensure that's no peculiar situation that could surprise us. Moreover, that means you can be sure your favorite pet will arrive the destination safe and healthy no matter what.

Personalized Support

Our specialized pet-flight managers will carefully assemble a comprehensive 'flight kit' that is customized to your particular destination and pet. 24/7 hot line support is offered throughout the shipping process.

Special Services

We offer a variety specialized services for pets travelling: flights along with guide-dogs for handicapped passengers, pet shipping for exotic and isolated locations and injured animals delivery.

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