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Veterinary Support

Terminal4Pets has an onsite veterinary clinic that is at your service for all your preflight and post flight veterinary needs. All pets flying worldwide must comply with international health standards. This includes microchips, vaccinations, health checks, veterinary health documentation and more. Our pet transport specialists provide you with all veterinary requirements specific to your pet and destination. Our veterinarians will work directly with your personal vet anywhere in the world to ensure all requirements and health standards are met.   

Based on our decades of professional experience, we are able to assist our clients in a way that no other local veterinarian institute can. Local veterinarians are familiar with state regulations, diseases and infections common only in their region. The Terminal4Pets veterinary doctors are able to provide medical solutions needed on a global level (departure and arrival countries). We are professionals within the field of aviation and therefore we can provide the safest and most convenient solutions to pet transport. 

Traveling with a pet requiring special medical attention?

Terminal4Pets veterinary team are ready to assist. Pets who fall in the following categories may require additional veterinary support. Snub nosed, seniors, puppies, and pets with special health conditions. Our team of vets will personally consult with you in regards to all medical needs throughout the process.  

Terminal4Pets door to door veterinary service is available for our special need's clients. A Terminal4pets veterinarian will personally accompany your pet on their journey to ensure all their medical needs are met throughout their travels. We will provide guidance throughout the travel process as far as preventative treatments, vaccinations, diet, and kennel training.  Our flight veterinarian will be at your service to consult, coordinate, monitor, and provide medical attention to your pet at any destination internationally.


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