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Pet Flight Management Service

Terminal4Pets Flight Management Service was established to provide our clients with a comprehensive pet travel package including a full range of services geared to assist in the relocation of your pet.

What does our flight management service include?

Flight Planning

Our pet transportation specialists will assist you step by step to choose the best flight plan, taking into consideration import and export regulations, airline policies, pet friendly airports, flight routes, and all other important factors when booking a flight.  We will always focus on your pets' health, safety, and comfort as our first priority. We work with your schedule, budget, and specific requirements to provide you with your best options for flights.

Regulations and Documentation

International travel with pets requires an intricate understanding of country export and import regulations, health requirements, airline policies, and government authorities.  Our pet transportation specialists will utilize their years of knowledge and experience to guide you through all the regulations involved in your pets travel. We will provide you with instructions and guidance through each document necessary to ensure you are fully prepared.  You will gain peace of mind, knowing that every detail is taken care using the most advanced and updated regulatory database in the industry.

Flight Kennel

It is mandatory to have an airline approved kennel for pets traveling internationally.  Choosing a kennel that is right for your pet, for the airline, and for your destination can be an involved process. Terminal4Pets pet relocation specialists will assist you to purchase, prepare, and acclimate your pet to a proper kennel or carrier for them.  

Veterinarian Guidance

Each country has different health requirements in order to enter with a pet. It is crucial to follow each requirement to the specific regulations of your destination country. Many of these regulations are time sensitive and must be done within the required period. Our pet transportation specialists will provide you with a guide to all health requirements specific to your pet and their destination. In addition, a Terminal4Pets veterinarian will advise you regarding your pets health and safety for travel.

Contact us today and Terminal4Pets will assist you to have a stress and worry free travel experience. Let us take care of all of the details for you.

*Flight management service is a consultation service and does not include in the price of airline tickets, kennels, government fees or veterinary procedures.

Discounts for guide dogs, return flights booked in advance, and owners of multiple pets.

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