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Animals and pets flying to Israel can enter through the following ports only: Ben Gurion Airport, Haifa Port, Ashdod Port and Eilat Port. You must notify the customs officials in advance that a veterinary inspector will be available to check your pet. Pets can fly to Israel as baggage or in the passenger cabin with their owners. There is no limit to the number of dogs and cats you can bring to Israel, but if there are more than two dogs or cats then the owner must obtain an import permit.


All pets entering Israel must be microchipped.


Pets entering Israel will need proof of current rabies vaccination

Titer Test

A rabies titer test is required no sooner than 30 days after the rabies vaccination.

Health Certificates

Health Certificates must be completed 10 days before entry into Israel. 

Import Permit

Import permits are required only when bringing more than 2 pets into Israel.

Dangerous Breeds

In order for the following dangerous breeds to enter the country, they must be living with the owner 18 months: Amstaff, Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa, English Staff, Pitbull Terrier, Brazilian Fila and Rottweiler.

Upon Entry israel With A Pet

Before entering Israel, advanced notice (72 hours before) must be given to custom officials in order to approve entry.


Pets entering Israel do not need to be quarantined if all requirements are met.


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Move a pet from one country to another it is a complex procedure with alot of birocracy. Hence we recommend to use our pet flight managmment services. Before flight you can check and inquire with our flight managers and get free constaltent, and in no case take unnecessary risks.

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V.I.P. Services

vip services for pet flight

A flagship service that is geared for people & pets traveling via Ben Gurion Airport and leading airports worldwide.

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Documents & Regulations

Documents and regulations for pets shipping

Professional guidance and support with regulations and documentations that are required for shipping your pets abroad.

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Vetrinarian Support

vet support

Veterinarian procedures for pet imports and exports such as vaccinations, microchips and health certificates. Available 24/7.

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Global Microchip Center


Sign up your pet to the global microchip center Look4MyPet. So if your pet gets lost or misplaced you will be contacted.

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