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All dogs and cats entering Russia must have a microchip.

Rabies Vaccination

All dogs and cats entering Russia must have a valid Rabies vaccination.

Other Vaccinations or treatments

Cats entering Russia are required to have dermatophytosis testing. General health vaccinations are recommended for travel to Russia.

Rabies Titer Blood Test

Rabies Titer not required for entry to Russia.

Health certificate

A health check and certificate endorsed by a government veterinarian within ten days of arrival is required for all dogs and cats imported to Russia.

Import Permit

Dogs and cats are not required to have an import permit to enter Russia.

Banned Breeds

There are no import restrictions for any breeds entering Russia.


There is no quarantine for healthy dogs or cats that are imported to Russia according to proper import regulations.

Preparation Time

We recommend you start preparing your dog or cat atleast a month in advance of your planned flight date. Puppies and Kittens may take longer to prepare.


Bringing Pets To Russia? Let Us help You

Terminal4Pets posts up to date information reflecting current regulations for pet import to the countries listed to the best of our ability. Country specific import regulations and policies are updated by government veterinary authorities.  Noncompliance with import regulations may result in quarantine of pet, denial of import and return to country of origin or euthanasia.

Terminal4Pets will not be liable due to information posted here. Compliance with all import regulations to the destination country is the sole responsibility of the importer.

We recommend using our Pet Flight Management Service prior to flight to consult with our pet flight specialists and to never take unnecessary risks

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