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Pet Microchips

What are microchips?

Microchips are a permanent form of unique identification implanted under your pets' skin. They are the size of a grain of rice and are not harmful to your pet. They use radio frequencies that can be easily scanned using a microchip scanner.

Why does my pet need a microchip?

There are several reasons to microchip your pet. Most importantly is for easy identification. In the case that your pet gets lost, any veterinarian, animal shelter, or government veterinary service can scan your pet for a microchip. The contact details you provide when registering your pets microchip number will allow anyone who finds your pet to contact you.

Another reason to microchip your pet is that it is a requirement for pet import into almost every country. If you plan to travel internationally with your pet you will need to start the process of preparation with an internationally approved microchip.

How do I know if my pet has a microchip?

If you are unsure if your pet has a microchip you can contact your veterinarian. They should have it listed in their records and can scan your pet to confirm. 

Where do I get a microchip?

Microchips are readily available at your local veterinary office. A veterinarian will implant the microchip directly under the skin of your pet.

How do I know what microchip is correct for my pet?

For international travel, your pet will be required to be microchipped with a subcutaneous 15 digit electronic chip that transmits on a frequency of 134.2 kilohertz and can be read with a chip reader that conforms to the provisions of the ISO 11784/11785. Many countries use this as a standard type of microchip but it is best to confirm this with your vet prior to implantation.

When do I need to implant the microchip?

Many countries now require the microchip to be implanted prior to any vaccinations that are relevant to travel. If you are planning to implant the microchip after your pets Rabies vaccination be sure to check your destination countries import regulations carefully.

How do I register my pets microchip number?

Registering your pets microchip number with your vet and local authorities is an important step in the microchipping process. This means that you provide your contact information to be updated in the database. When your pet's microchip is scanned, your information will be available. Be sure that your vet has filled in your contact information correctly after microchipping. It is also important to register your pet's microchip and contact information with local authorities when you arrive at your new destination.

In addition to regeristing your pets with your veterinarian and local authorities is an online free international microchip database for registering your pet's microchip. 

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