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Terminal4Pets sells kennels of all shapes and sizes. Soft carriers, standard sizes, giant kennels, custom made…every pet will find a kennel that is a perfect match for them at our fully stocked kennel shop. All of our kennels are IATA and airline approved for flight. We only sell brands that are sturdy and safe for pet travel according to the highest standards.

Terminal4Pets takes the research and guessing out of the purchasing process. There are several advantages of purchasing your pets flight kennel with us. Firstly, you are guaranteed a quality IATA approved kennel with the perfect fit, fully prepared for flight.

Secondly, we are not sales agents. Our kennels are sold by our pet transportation specialists who have years of expert knowledge and experience in fitting pets with flight kennels. Terminal4Pets takes your pets measurements and breed, your airline and flight route, and your budget into consideration when recommending a kennel.

And third, all flight kennels purchased through Terminal4Pets come with water bowls, pet pads, labels and extra closers for securing the kennel for flight.

Ask our experts for advice on kennel training your pet so they will feel comfortable and secure for flight in their new kennel!

New second hand kennel shop

Due to client demand, Terminal4Pets has branched out its services to now include the buying and selling of used flight kennels. All kennels sold by Terminal4Pets are always IATA and airline approved flight kennels and are fully prepared for your pet's travel. All used kennels are inspected, sterilized, and prepared according to international animal health standards.

Is a used kennel right for you?

There are benefits to purchasing a used kennel. If you are looking for a less expensive option, second hand kennels may be appropriate for you. However, there are disadvantages and obstacles that can make it a difficult process.

  • Search time: Looking for the right kennel for you is a time-consuming task. You can spend hours online searching just to come up empty handed.
  • Pick up: You may find the perfect kennel but at a long distance from you. If you are in Tel Aviv and the kennel is in Eilat, you will need to factor in travel costs to pick it up.
  • Kennel condition: It is difficult to tell the physical condition of a used kennel online. How old is it? How and where was it stored? Did a sick animal ever use it? Is it damaged in any way?
  • Correct information: It is not always an easy task to get accurate information about the kennel you are interested in purchasing. After removing all the tags, people tend to forget the kennels details. Size is fairly easy to measure (however is your pet is borderline in size, every cm counts) but brand and airline approved status is harder to determine. It is important to note that just because the seller says they flew their pet in the kennel does not mean it is an airline approved kennel.
  • Availability: Your pet requires a kennel that is the correct size for them. The specific kennel you are looking for may not be available.

Let Terminal4Pets do the work for you and remove the obstacles in second hand kennel purchases. We only purchase and sell 'like new condition' airline approved kennels. They are sterilized and prepared for flight before they reach your door. Our pet transportation experts inspect all kennels and can provide accurate information about brand and size taking the guess work out of the process for you.

Looking to sell your used flight kennel?

Terminal4Pets is happy to purchase your second hand flight kennels. Don’t let large flight kennels take up space in your home unnecessarily or sit around losing value. Whether you have a kennel purchased through us or from another kennel vendor, contact us today.

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