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I am moving! What about my best friend? - International pet transport

Your life is about to change in a big way. You’re moving across the country or to a new country for a new job, new love, a very different and more rewarding lifestyle. What about your best friend who waited patiently every day for you to come home? Who was happy to see you and rarely judged you and genuinely missed you? You or your children considered your dog, cat, bird, or other furry animal an extra brother or sister.

Your new life will be challenging enough without some of your closest friends and relatives (parents, siblings and children) next door to you. Why add to the painful goodbye for you and your furry family members. If they are healthy you should bring them with you on your new adventure.


What factors should you consider moving with pets?



Talk to your vet about your pets’ health and ability to handle the trip, and the new environment you are moving to. Cats and dogs and some other animals should anyway get an annual checkup and vaccinations so this is a good time. If your decision to move comes in between these annual visits another checkup is helpful. Older pets may need a bloodwork, blood pressure check and other kids of tests. 


Will you be renting or buying? Does your landlord allow pets? Do your building bylaws have any restrictions on types or number?

What Kind of Pet and How Many

Do you have cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, fish or other exotic pets like snakes, turtles and other reptiles? Each country and area has different rules varying by type and number of animals.


Some countries call pets family, others—food! Some places require leashes and muzzles; others may have stray animals running wild, not vaccinated and a threat to your loved one.

Quarantine Rules

Rules for moving with pets vary by country, locale and type of animal. An animal arriving without the proper papers and vaccinations may be quarantined or even refused entry so check before you bring your animal.


Employers sometimes subsidize some of your pet relocation costs when they relocate you.


Your loved one will experience the change but usually will be happier being part of your new life than left behind with another family. You can ease the transition by taking your pet when you move or temporarily leave her/him with someone you trust while you find and prepare the best place for all of you and then send for your loyal family member.


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