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Fireworks and your pets: How to keep your pets safe on Independence Day and night.

Fireworks are usually a joy for kids throughout the year. However, for animals, can be a source of fear, causing shock and in extreme situations, death. Birds can lose concentration for a significant period following the flas of light of the fireworks. Animals that are close to the scene of the explosion of the fireworks could also suffer from burns and vision damage.


Even for humans, fireworks have become stronger, causing thousands of people annually injuries even hearing loss.



Most animals have very sensitive ears, so the fireworks explosion weakens their hearing more than the human ear. Cats’ sense of hearing is more developed than dogs, and much better than the sense of hearing of humans.

Loud noise like this is very painful for them and can cause continuous headaches and may cause long term trauma and sometimes even permanent damage to the ear.

Fireworks that continue for hours constitute eternal suffering for the animal. Every year thousands of animals are brought to animal shelters, due to trauma and panic displaying signs of shaking with fear. An explosion of fireworks has been correlated with causing abdominal pain in animals and eating disorders. As mentioned, the big concern is safety. The panic may cause animals to escape from its owner's home. The animal’s response outdoors might be more aggressive, even if its being held. The fireworks may make your dog or cat escape to unfamiliar surroundings, without food or water.

If you go out and leave your pet at home and are concerned that it could respond to the fireworks outside, try to find a temporary home for one evening with friends or family who are animals lovers. If you are not able to do this, remember to give your pet a relaxant an hour before the fireworks display. It is also possible to turn TV on or play music from a computer to make the House feel like a safe and comfortable place to stay at.

If you are home with your pets during the fireworks festivities, it is also advised to keep an accessible shelter for your dog or cat. If your pet reacts in a panic, you should follow it trying to comfort it.

Play with your dog, providing delicious snacks that can help through the noise.

We've compiled for you 10 tips for those worried owners of pets to follow when fireworks festivities are taking place:

  1. Situate your pet in a bedroom or living room they feel comfortable in.   Keep them indoors during fireworks.
  1. Close any shutters and windows of the house before the fireworks begin.
  1. Give your animal a toy to play with to help distract it’s mind from the fireworks.
  1. In most cases, television or quiet music will help you to distract the animal from Fireworks.
  1. Its strongly recommended to take your animal for a walk outside and let him/her do his business in the 30 minutes to hour before the planned fireworks start time, and thus prevent unnecessary panic during the fireworks.
  1. Do not try to lock or capture the animal in one place give him freedom of movement in order to avoid panic.
  1. Stay calm and keep your cool. Any sign of your stress may cause anxiety in your animal.
  1. Prepare a resting room for your pet where they feel safe – perhaps under the bed with some old clothes. They might want to hide during the fireworks.
  1. Do not tie your dog outside and leave them in the garden or in your car during the fireworks.
  1. Do not take your animal to watch Fireworks

For Small animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, ferrets and birds, special care needs to be taken when fireworks are being let off in close proximity to them. These animals are easily frightened. To make fireworks less frightening for your small animal companions, please follow these precautions:

  1. Hutches/cages and enclosures should, if possible, be brought into a quiet room indoors, or into a garage or shed.
  1. Give your animal extra bedding to burrow into so he/she feels safe.
  1. If you cannot bring your animal’s hutch inside, you should turn his/her enclosure around so that he/she faces a wall or fence instead of the open garden.
  1. Cover any aviaries or hutches with thick blankets or a duvet to block out the sight of the fireworks and deaden the sound of the bangs, but make sure there is enough ventilation.

Fireworks are not fun for animals. Please do not ignore the problem and make suitable preparations to keep your animal safe and feeling happy during fireworks. Tender Loving Care and a calm owner and what will help your animals get through.


Happy Independence Day!

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