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A story of relocation to Australia

Should Shoshi and Max move to Melbourne?


When I was approached by my boss about possibly relocating to Australia, I was excited for the opportunity to experience another culture, work in an exotic location, and to give my family an adventure they would always remember. However, I was immediately concerned because I had heard that traveling with pets to Australia would be a difficult process and my pets would have to be in quarantine when they arrived. I was scared about facing this obstacle and if my pets could handle this.

I have four children. Two of them are my fur babies. A cat named Max and a Husky named Shoshi. Max is our rescue cat that we found by a garbage can when he was a kitten. Shoshi is our first baby. She came into our lives a year after we were married.

I started to research how to fly with pets to Australia. As anyone would, I googled it. There was a wealth of information to be found but it was sometimes contradictory, not complete, unclear, and not recently updated. I understood that I needed help. Luckily, I found that there is an Israeli pet shipping company.  I am so glad that I decided to call them.

Terminal4Pets provided us with the guidance we needed. There were vaccinations, blood tests, health checks, treatments, documents, import and quarantine fees, and government authorizations. Not to mention choosing and purchasing the kennels. To be honest, the flights were not cheap and I was surprised that the cargo flight process would cost that much, but ultimately there was never any option of us leaving our babies behind so the flights were confirmed.

I think my biggest concern was the quarantine. Where would they stay? How long would they be there? Would they have quality care while they were there? Would I be able to visit them? Ahava from Terminal4Pets explained the process clearly and were very patient with my questions and concerns.

At one point we had an unexpected delay with our Australian visas. We had to put everything on hold. Luckily we had not gotten to far in the process with the pets and we were able to wait with the necessary blood tests without a problem. When we were ready to continue, we picked right back up with the process with no trouble.

Parting with my pets and sending them off on their own to their flight and then to quarantine was very difficult. Naturally I was stressed and worried how they would handle the trip. They were ecstatic when we picked them up but did not show signs of stress.

Now that I'm in Australia and looking back at the process, I can say with certainty that I would not have had the same experience without the help of Terminal4Pets. Everything went smoothly and my family has remained together.  

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