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Rabies Vacinations

Terminal4Pets, the Israeli agency for flying and relocating internationally with pets, wishes to update the public regarding new rules enforced by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture for importing dogs, cats and ferrets.


Dr. Eytan Kreiner, flight veterinarian and CEO at Terminal4Pets: "The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture passed a law whereby all dogs, cats and ferrets entering Israel are required to have a rabies vaccination and an antibodies test derives. As a result, the process of shipping pets to Israel is longer and far more complicated - taking a minimum of three weeks and up to a month (when the pet was vaccinated against rabies during the current year), and at least two months in the case the pet hade not been vaccinated during the current year.

New legal principles enforced on May 2010:

Cats and dogs require a veterinary health certificate, under section 3, which states that:

  • The pet has been tested and shows no signs of infectious or contagious diseases.
  • The pet was vaccinated against rabies no more than a year and no less than 30 days prior to arriving in Israel.
  • Blood samples are to be taken by a veterinarian at a laboratory approved by the OIE, at least 30 days after vaccination and the level of rabies antibodies is at least - 0,52 IU / ml.

The law as published by the Ministry of Agriculture can be found on the official website:

Also, international law requires that all cats and dogs have a chip and an international certificate signed by an authorized veterinarian.

To help the public prepare properly for transporting pets to Israel, Terminal4Pets' veterinary doctors run a hot line for information, advice and guidance 24 / 7 CALL NOW 1-800-220-555 in Israel or 1866-pet-2-fly in USA.

Terminal4Pets was founded by Dr. Kreiner as the first and only company providing professional solutions for pet transport and relocation worldwide. The main principles leading our devoted team are: making sure our clients enjoy a safe, comfortable and pleasant flight along with their pets.

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