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More and more expats are finding out just how easy it can be to fly with pets as part of the family!


Taking pets abroad can be so easy with Terminal4Pets, the Israeli Agency for International Pet Transport. We know that when you and your family fly abroad, you have a lot on your mind. Our aim is to take a load off as we care for all your pet's pre-flight needs – both administrative and medical. We are not just a pet flight and relocation provider we are THE pet flight professionals.

Terminal4Pets is the Israeli representative of IPATA (Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association International Inc.) and receives daily updates from airlines, countries and embassies throughout the world.

Why do I need a pet flight service?

One can fly a pet alone, just as one might make travel arrangements alone. We use a relocation company for our relocation needs, we use a travel agency for our flight needs and we use a pre-flight pet shipping service to take care of all our pets' needs when taking them abroad. We will guide you hand-in-hand through the various stages prior to your pet's transportation.

"Flying pets is a job for professionals" says Dr. Eytan Kreiner, who is CEO of Terminal4Pets as well as one of their flying vets. "We have been shipping pets abroad for years, and we know exactly what you need to know. We know international rules and regulations required for pet imports, pet exports and pet shipping. We are familiar with the regulations of every airline and every country, we have the forms and documents required by every country worldwide, but we are also veterinarians and have vast medical knowledge in preparing your pet for the flight, treatments, inoculations and vaccinations.

Where will Kitty be on flight?

Animals can fly in the cabin with their owners in some airlines (as "Pet in Cabin"), given they do not weigh more than 8 kg. including the cage. Otherwise they are placed in the belly, always within an international ISO standard kennel.

When should I start the pet shipping process?

The pet flight process varies from one country to another, but it is important to begin several months ahead of time. We at Terminal4Pets will tell you exactly what the requirements are for your country of destination.

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