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Pet Boarding Services

Terminal4Pets is prepared to provide boarding services for your pets.

Unlike pet boarding facilities that were established in order to allow pet owners to travel (domestically or internationally) without their pets, Terminal4Pets opens a boarding facility in order to allow pet owners to travel, relocate to Israel and immigrate with their pets.

We provide safe and simple solutions needed to ship pets at a global level and import them into Israel legally.

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, CEO at Terminal4Pets, explains the need for a new department –pet boarding facility - that is scheduled to open May 15 "as some of our clients arrive at Israel for the first time, they find themselves overwhelmed until they settle down in their new home. Some of them sty stay with friends and relatives until they find a permanent solution. Others are unable to fly with their pets and as a result they ship their pets separately via cargo or with a pet-currier service, in this scenario their pet might arrive a few days prior to their arrival. Therefore, they all could use our boarding center as a temporary solution."

In order to provide a comfortable, safe and economically competitive solution to our clients, Terminal4Pets opens a pet boarding facility here at The House of Veterinary Doctors in Maccabim (nearby Ben Gurion Airport). The pet boarding facility will be managed by the company CEO and head of the veterinary division alongside with the vet staff, the flight management team and volunteers. The entire staff is here to make sure that your pets are under professional supervision.

"We are not like any other pet boarding facility you have ever seen as our main objective is to enable our clients to travel with their pets while others help pet owners leave their pets behind while traveling" says Dr. Kreiner, "our slogan is People & Pets Travel Together and the new service was specially geared to help us stand behind this slogan."

The tourism season is just around the corner as thousands of pet owners are sett to fly via Ben Gurion Airport to and from Israel as part of a vacation, relocation, immigration or Aliyah project. We are here to assist each and every one of them should they chose to include their pets.

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