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Israel's Rabies status was upgraded in New Zealand

Following Australia's upgrade of the Rabies status in Israel and allowing direct importation of pets from Israel - the New Zealand Minister of Agriculture has also approved the direct importation of pets from Israel.


It was just a few weeks ago that the Australian Minister of Agriculture approved the direct importation of pets from Israel once upgrading our Rabies status. Israeli pets owners with plans to travel and relocate to Australia as well as Australian citizens planning to return home – all had reason to celebrate. Now, the Minister of Agriculture in New Zealand is giving us another reason to celebrate as New Zealand opens its gate to pets from Israel.

In the past, due to increase of rabies exposure in Israel (specifically around the north boarder) both Australia and New Zealand downgraded our Rabies status up to a point in which importing pets directly from Israel was prohibited. 

As a result, many Israel citizens had to give up their plans and dreams to relocate to Australia or New Zealand their pets.

As some families faced the difficult challenge of leaving their pet behind, others changed their destination from Australia and New Zealand to different countries around the world. However, on the 25th of March (2013), Australia upgraded the Israeli rabies status allowing the direct importation from Israel once again. Now New Zealand is following in Australia's footsteps by upgrading the Rabies status and allowing entry of pets from Israel.

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, founder and CEO at Terminal4Pets: "We are extremely exited to inform our clients and affiliates that New Zealand now welcomes pets from Israel. The past years have been difficult for us almost as they were for some of our clients. Those who didn't want to give up on their travel plans had to ship their pets to a country that New Zealand considers a rabies-free country such as USA, Canada or the European Union for a period of minimum 6 months. That process was not only emotionally tough for pets and their owners, but it was also very expensive and time consuming. This is why my team and I are so exited to spread the good news. New Zealand is officially on the map for pet owners!"

Although Dr. Kreiner and the pet flight team at Terminal4Pets are overwhelmed by the good news, Dr. Kreiner wishes to remind the general public that New Zealand remains a challenging destination when it comes to importing pets. Dr. Kreiner: "Shipping a pet to New Zealand requires professional assistance throughout the process as there are diverse documents and regulations to handle prior to the flight. There are also unique specific veterinarian procedures that are needed when shipping a pet to New Zealand which requires at least 6 month of preparation."

Terminal4Pets is offering free phone consultation for clients that are considering or that are in the process of relocating to New Zealand with their pets.

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