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When facing the daunting task of preparing for Aliyah to Israel, it is important to start the process of import well in advance.

However, before you start preparing, it is helpful to know where you stand. This will assist you to know what the process will entail for your specific situation. Therefore the experts at Terminal4Pets have created a checklist for your consideration as a first step to getting you ready for your process. You can use this as a guide to know where you stand and where to start your pets Aliyah.

What country will you be arriving to Israel from?

 What species of pet do you have? Dog, cat, bird, reptile, other?

How many pets do you plan to make Aliyah with? 1, 2, 3, or more?

What breed is your pet? Snub nosed, banned breed, large size breed?

What is the weight of your pet? Up to 8 kilo, 8 to 30 kilo, 30 plus kilo?

How do I plan for my pet to travel? In cabin, Accompanied, Unaccompanied Cargo?

What is the status of my flight? I have a date only, I have a reserved flight, I have a booked flight?

Do I have a kennel? I have only measured my pet, I have a kennel but not sure it is right, I have a fully prepared and approved kennel?

Where is my pet with health requirements? Microchip, Rabies Vaccination, Titer blood test?

Import requirements to Israel vary according to your individual pet and your travel plans. Your answers to the above questions will be crucial to understanding each regulation and how they relate to your pets Aliyah process. Make sure you are considering each point above when starting your preparations. Terminal4Pets is available to guide you through the process of Aliyah with pets no matter where you will be starting. Contact Terminal4Pets today to get started! 

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