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IATA approved Kennels

When flying with a pet it is required that they have an airline approved kennel according to international pet welfare standards and practices. It must also follow approved standards in sizing and preparation of IATA (International Air Transport Association). As this kennel will be your pet's home for the entirety of their travels, it is important to purchase the correct kennel for your travel plans and for your pet. Whether you are traveling with your pet in the cabin, in excess baggage or traveling alone as manifested cargo, your kennel must comply with the airlines individual requirements. Size restrictions and requirements vary per pet, destination, type of shipment, and airline.

We highly recommend that you do not purchase your kennel or carrier until after you consult with a Terminal4Pets pet transportation specialist in order to ensure your pet will be able to fly safely and comfortably with you.

Terminal4Pets recognizes the need to prepare not only the kennel, but also your pet for the kennel. Our unique kenneling service includes our professional guidance individualized to your pet's needs to assist them to feel comfortable in the kennel for travel. Our pet transportation specialists will guide you throughout the training process making sure you and your pet are prepared for the flight.

Measuring your pet

How you measure your pet is a crucial step in purchasing the correct kennel. Animal welfare and airline regulations mandate that your pet must have enough space to sit, stand, and comfortably turn around in their kennel.   For soft carriers, your pet must fit comfortably in their carrier under your seat. As this is their home for the entirety of the flight you want to be sure to measure them correctly for their kennel.

You must measure from the top of their head (at the highest point) down to the floor for height and from the tip of their nose to their behind for length, excluding the tail. A tip for anyone struggling with getting their pet to stand still for measurements… have them stand against a wall, put your hand on their head, let them move, and measure from your hand.

Kennel training

Not all pets feel comfortable in a kennel or carrier at first. It may take them time to get used to it. However over time they start to feel safe and secure inside, which is the feeling we want them to have during their travels. Therefore we recommend kennel training prior to flight.

Kennel training starts with purchasing your airline approved kennel in advance. Brining your kennel home will give your pet the opportunity to slowly acclimate to it. Put a comfy blanket and your pets favorite toy inside to make them comfortable. If they are hesitant you can put treats inside to encourage them to enter.  For some pets it can take time so be patient. Terminal4Pets pet transportation specialists are here to assist with more tips tailored to your specific pet so contact us today.  

Kennel Shop

Terminal4Pets sells airline approved kennels prepared with our proven affective extra safety precautions, and our unique preparation kit including proper identification for you and your pet and easy access watering system.

Traveling with a pet in cabin? Terminal4Pets has many soft carrier options to fit different airline regulations and pet sizes.

We build custom kennels for our clients with extra requirements. Not all pets fit standard kennels. Our custom built kennels abide by approved IATA standards of shipping and animal welfare in order to provide you with the right kennel to fit your individual needs.

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